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On top of the world

The traditional RV roof top is full of air conditioners, fans, and antennas. It is also not structurally built to allow for more than a person or two to occasionally go up on the roof for maintenance or repairs. Access to the roof is most often via a ladder mounted on the rear of the unit.

In a travel home, built structurally as a home, and also where A/C units are replaced by mini splits mounted on the front or rear of the unit, it provides for an opportunity to create a private space above the usual hustle and bustle on the ground.

Of course, with an eye on using sustainable energy sources, using the roof space for a deck is a trade off between that and solar panels. The good news is that the capacity and density of solar panels are always increasing, making it possible to still have some space left over.

In addition, with the option of having an interior stairway with roof access, this can be a well worth trade off that creates a truly unique space.

Enjoying a morning coffee, a sandwich for lunch, or a glass of wine viewing the sun set, all with an unobstructed view is very special.

This is post # 5 in our weekly series of consideration when building a Travel Home. Please reach out to us if can help in anyway and you want to get the process started. It has changed our lives and it may do the same for you.


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