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About Us

Barclay RV is a new elite hybrid sector within the RV industry. This is an RV with unique design elements and all the amenities, providing life on the road without compromise. Conveying the idea of personalized and individually crafted travel sanctuaries, it emphasizes tailored experiences and accommodations to provide a haven-like environment for travelers. It is built with world class materials, including a heavy duty trailer chassis, fully independent suspension, leveling system, and extruded steel wall framing. Designed for its owners, there is no limit on the materials or components that can be included. A signature element often included as a main feature is the bifold window door entertainment wall and deck - a centerpiece of the design bringing the outside in and allowing for grand scale entertaining.


Our Story

We are Julia and Robert.  Two individuals from Portugal and Sweden, who met 10 years ago and found a common desire to explore this great country. Our children were out of the house and we knew it was our time to ignite our passion for travel and find our next place to call home.

Having lived comfortably in a 5,000 sq ft house, our lives revolved around the things we enjoyed most: cooking and entertaining. Yet, our love for the great outdoors was equally strong. Looking at all the existing options, we soon realized that every option came with compromises, until we arrived at a unique solution - building our own Custom Travel Haven.

We stand as living proof that you can transition from 5,000 square feet to less than 300 and still enjoy all comforts of home. For the past four years, we've lived life on the road, covering over 60,000 miles.  As we ventured across diverse landscapes, meeting fascinating people and immersing ourselves in new environments, we felt a growing sense of adventure that fueled our search. Each destination added a unique layer to our understanding of what "home" could mean. It was in the midst of this journey that we realized home isn't just a location; it's a feeling, a collection of memories, and the people we share them with.

Embracing a smaller footprint through solar power and water conservation has been a transformative journey for us. We've witnessed firsthand how harnessing the power of the sun, using lithium battery storage, not only reduces our environmental impact but also liberates us to explore remote and beautiful corners of the country, free from the constraints of traditional energy sources. Pairing this with mindful water conservation practices, we've become stewards of our planet, appreciating the preciousness of every drop. It's remarkable how these sustainable choices not only benefit the environment but have also simplified our lives, inspiring us to continue down this path of responsible living and inspiring others to do the same.

   You can tour our own custom Barclay RV in several videos here and you can follow along our journey in our personal instagram feed.


Traveling across the country, we now often speak at conferences, host special events, and help our partners in promoting the products we believe in. 


We are so excited to be able to help others live this dream as well and can't wait to hear from you.

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