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A new exit strategy?

In recent weeks, several people that visited with us brought this topic up. You sold your house, you downsized, you are on the road full time. You could be doing this for many years, but at some point, you may want to settle down. Now what? Do you really want a big house again? How do you get the most for your RV when you sell it? Interestingly, people looked at our Travel Home and saw a new option. And it was the same idea that caused us to go in this direction in the first place.

By building a Travel Home with all the amenities we wanted in a home, constructed with residential quality, insulation, and appliances, it makes perfect sense to just park it on a plot of land when it is time. These are built to last like a home and we can either leave them on wheels, or prop them up on a foundation.

As we travel around the country, we keep our eye open for a property that would be a good forever home. As we are off-grid, utilities become less of a requirement, making the options even more plentiful.

We certainly want to have our children come and visit, so we could easily build a few more of these smaller homes on the property, create a compound of sorts, and then just rent them out on Airbnb when they are not in use.

Alternatively, some folks brought up the idea that with new legislations around Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), they could just park their Travel Home in the backyard of their children and again have an easy transition. That is certainly an excellent option as well.

We are not saying this will be your last RV, but it does bring up an interesting perspective. What do you think?


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