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Continuing the build of a four season home

If you are enjoying your RV all year around, across all the seasons, heating and cooling and creating a comfortable atmosphere is top of mind. While some RVs are better for four seasons than others, they are generally a far cry from your standard traditional home. In an earlier post, we dug deep into the wood stove. Here we will discuss the using heated floors.

As all RVers know, the floor is the first to feel the cold on a winter day. Without a foundation, cold air travels below the trailer body. Any heat inside rises making the floor the first to feel cold. New modern traditional homes are increasingly using radiant heat flooring as it is a very effective way to to create nice even heat and as mentioned, heat rises, so why not start from the floor.

Each floor area can have its own thermostat, timer, and therefore control. Stepping onto a warm tile floor in the bathroom in the morning definitely gives it a very luxury feel. Don’t you deserve it.

We exclusively use Warmly Yours floors for our heating. They offer many different configurations depending on the flooring material. There are mats (as in the picture above), but also continuous wire which lends it self to larger areas. Because of the relatively small floor area in a Travel Home, it is quite efficient. For example, our bathroom draws 100w when on. The flooring material also does make a big difference as different materials are more absorbing and also hold onto the heat longer. We careful to match the right heating element with the chosen flooring.

We did mention the airspace under the trailer above, and skirting is definitely something to think about, especially if you are staying for a longer period. There are several different types, but we have been particularly happy with the AirSkirts as they are easy to put up and down and really do not require customization.

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