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Heard at Tampa - The build quality and design

This is one in a series of posts we wrote after the Tampa RV Super Show - 2024 to revisit the numerous conversations we had and spotlight some noteworthy "aha" moments and the primary reasons they sought us out.. Just look for the tag "Tampa RV Super Show 2024"

The build quality and design - This has been the most frequently voiced topic. The industry, collectively experiencing a downturn in recent years, has come to accept defects and quality issues. Barclay RV takes pride in the quality we put into every build. From a design standpoint, the common perception is that if you've been in one RV, you've been in them all. Our approach diverges significantly. We offer residential quality coupled with innovative design, tailored for over-the-road travel.

Beginning with a 2x4 steel framing structure, our RV is meticulously engineered for durability, reinforced around window openings and doors. Closed cell foam insulation, coupled with lightweight insulating sheathing, forms a robust superstructure. Hurricane straps, brackets, and threaded rods from the top plate to the chassis ensure long-lasting resilience. Residential double-pane windows, including a triple-pane bi-fold window door unit, maintain ideal temperatures year-round.

Interior walls showcase shiplap using all-natural wood, with flexible grout setting for tiles and customizable flooring options. Custom-made cabinetry with 3/4" wood framing maximizes space, while high-quality drawer slides and hinges offer soft closing. Home automation compatibility is available on your preferred platform.

The electrical system drives a residential 220v panel, powered by a 48v lithium battery array and solar panels tailored to your needs. This allows seamless use of appliances and climate control from the battery, with shore power primarily used for charging. Connectivity to a standard 15 amp house outlet is possible, provided the initial battery charge supports the load.

Exterior features include extruded aluminum siding with various finishes, including wood simulation. Double mounting brackets secure the siding during travel, and a standing seam metal roof provides durability and allows accessory mounting without penetration.

Built on a custom-made frame, equipped with MORryde Independent Suspension or equivalent air ride suspension, the design emphasizes durability, a smooth ride, and individuality.

Collaborating with customers, we create unique interiors and exteriors, employing sloping roof lines, wood exteriors, and angles to blend seamlessly into diverse settings. You can have a mountain cabin, lakefront cottage, or a guest house. The options are limitless.

Our mission is to push boundaries, employ innovative thinking, and pave the way for new possibilities in the RV space. Inspired by our love for this lifestyle, we aim to provide others with the opportunity to craft their haven on the road.


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