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"Let's find a dry cleaner"

That is what Julia said after coming back from her last business trip. We had some travel to do, so we knew it would have to wait. Unless, of course, we used our washer and dryer? Really? Even we were surprised how well this worked.

Having a washer and dryer in the RV have been super convenient. Do many RV Parks and Resorts have laundry facilities? Yes, but the vary in quality and are not always convenient. For us, it was a non-negotiable. It made the must-have list. When it came to select which brand we wanted, the process was not as easy. While space sure was a t a premium, we knew we did not want a combo unit. The reviews and commentary on those were not encouraging. Also, while we had 220v available through our electrical design, we wanted efficiency and we wanted a non-venting unit if possible. We knew some non-venting units did cause moisture issues, so needed to ensure that was not the case. We also read horror stories about very long drying times.

We had the opportunity to meet with the team at Miele's US headquarters in NJ as we were looking at their kitchen appliances, and they mentioned this new line of highly efficient appliances featuring a heat pump non-venting dryer running on 110v. It was paired with this ultra efficient washer with lots of different programs and a very high speed spin cycle.

Long story short, we bought and installed the set and could not have been more happy. The washer spins so fast that 20 minutes in the dryer and clothes are done. Darks, whites, jeans, sheets, everything comes out perfect. We have not had a single issue with moisture and venting and actually not even a single service call in over 4 years on he road.

Now back to the dry cleaning request. Rather than locating a dry cleaner, which can sometimes take days and is often costly, we thought why not give this a try. The washer has a hand-wash program and the dryer a gentle/delicate cycle. The suits went in and the results were amazing. We honestly did not have high expectations and were if anything worried what would happen to the suits. A home run.

We truly enjoy our life on the road. We are living our best life, creating experiences and meeting wonderful people along the way. Ensuring that all the little things and conveniences, such as laundry, does not gives us frustration, is a key part of the reason we want to continue. Uncompromised life on the road is not only our tag line, it was the guiding principle in our design and build. Please let us know how we can help you live your dream as well.


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