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Off-season camping - An opportunity

While many RVers may put their campers away for winter and most full-timers head south to FL, TX, or AZ, to what are often crowded and very large RV resorts, exploring colder climate areas may provide an opportunity to stay in some great resorts at a lower cost and enjoy what winter has to offer.

We love four season travel. With the ever increasing number of RVers on the road, the summer can get quite busy. Sure, summer does provide a lot of opportunities to explore the entire country, take hikes, bike rides, swim in the lakes, even go on a boat ride. There are lots festivals, concerts, and other activities to take part in.

The winter is different. But not in a bad way.

Many don't like the cold and head south to stay long term in a RV park or resort. There is nothing wrong with that and there are many that offer great amenities and the camaraderie of like minded travelers. We have even been known to visit these and will this winter as we head for Florida for a couple of weeks.

However, the winter months opens up a whole new opportunity in resorts across the country that see much reduced occupancy, allowing you to spread out, enjoy a much calmer surroundings, as well as enjoy the many outdoor activities that abound. Skiing, whether downhill or cross country, snow shoeing, and hiking are just some of the activities we love to do. There are a lot of great RV resorts near many winter destinations and most of them have lots of availability.

Now, winter is not all about snow. Honestly, most states do't get that much of it and there are so many great places around the country to explore during the winter months without the crowds. Consider the Carolinas, Virginia, Pennsylvania in the east. Northern CA, Washington, the Pacific Northwest, the list goes on. And what a great time to visit with family as most cities and towns will have vacancies in nearby RV parks and resorts. It is really a great time to explore.

Okay - lets address the weather. First, there is no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothes. Just dress for success. When it comes to driving, our philosophy is simple - if the weather is bad, we don't drive. When the weather clears, we go or if we need to go early, we do that. It is really no different than any other season. We would not drive in a hurricane or tornado during the summer months.

Use the winter season to find new destinations. Visit old ones in a new season. You don't have to spend the entire season in the cold, but we encourage you to get out there. Make the most of every opportunity.

If you do decide to venture into the winter wonderland of UT, you will find us most of the winter at the Mountain Valley RV resort in Heber City. Just a short drive from Deer Valley, Park City, and Sundance. There is so much to do in this area. We welcome your visit.


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