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Storage - a place for everything and everything in its place

After a discussion of the the kitchen in our last post, a natural next topic is storage. Being able to customize the kitchen to be tailored to the small appliances you would want, mixer, coffee maker, pots and pans, enables you to store them way, everything in its place and a place for everything.

Having nice stemware can make any evening specials, so making sure of having a place where they can be safely stored, but easy to access, is important. Using roll out shelves where possible makes heavier items easier to lift up up and also makes items in the back a breeze to find. In addition to appliance storage, having plenty of pantry space allows ample space for baking supplies, snacks, and even paper towels. When using a loft design, we can even find storage in the floor and ceiling between the rafters.

Perhaps a question even more often on peoples mind is - where do you put your clothes? If you are a full timer on the road, with clothes for all seasons, that certainly is a valid concern. No need to worry. Every custom design has plenty of storage space for clothes, both hanging and in drawers, and extra storage space where you can alternate clothing storage between those heavy winter sweaters and summer shorts.

Even the small stuff needs storage, so keys, laptops, power cords, etc all need drawers. Planning ahead and listing all the items you would have and want makes the whole design process easier. Take your time - it will pay you back later.


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