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Using a deck to increase your square footage

In our last post, we spoke of the roof top deck, a space not often seen on the traditional RV. It provides for great views and a very private get away. A traditional deck on a house is a very popular way to expand any footprint and allows for easy enjoyment of the outdoors.

Some parks and resorts offer nice size parking spots with outdoor areas, some even with furniture. However, there is a significant difference between having to walk up and down stairs, through a door, to get to your outside area and having it all on one level, an extension of the indoor space

On traditional RVs, decks come in different style and sizes but are most often of a fold down design and are frequently referred to as patios rather than decks. A regular travel trailer or fifth wheel does not usually come equipped with such, but toy haulers use their rear hatch as a platform creating a nice indoor outdoor space when the toys are out. A similar design is sometimes used on the side as well, creating access from the main living areas. Both these designs are usually limited in size, about 8’x8’ and due to their design of using wire or chains to hold them up, have limited weight capacity. A benefit however, is the ease by which they can be deployed.

On the travel home, an alternate deck design is used with the deck stored below the unit. It is then pulled out, elevated into place, and tied into the structure. This allows for a larger deck (7’x13’ as an example) and by using ground based jacks, a much higher weight capacity. Another benefit of this design is that it does not interfere with windows or doors like a fold down unit in its up position. If covering the entrance, the fold down deck would always have to be lowered in order to access the inside.

On the CTH 34, the deck expands the kitchen to a very nice 14’x15’ and it can easily hold 10-15 people. Combined with the Bifold door window entertainment wall, it makes for a truly great space.

This is post # 6 in our weekly series of consideration when building a Travel Home. Please reach out to us if can help in anyway and you want to get the process started. It has changed our lives and it may do the same for you.


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