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Survey Results

We asked 9 different questions to validate what we heard in conversations on the road and to gather additional insight.   While no great surprises, there were some findings we did not expect.

Q1 - Bed Choices

We were a little surprised by the percentage of people who responded with a loft bed.   Perhaps more if it is not the only one.    One design consideration with the loft bed is the need to have a very trailer deck floor, which limits storage and tank placements.


Q2 - Bed Size

King bed can always be an option, but we were glad to see the Queen and Full size options getting equal support.


Q3 - Number of baths

Not unlike the industry as a whole, one bath is preferred.  Perhaps with two bedrooms or a dedicated master bath, a second half bath is a good option.


Q4 - Type of toilet

We love our compost toilet and it gives us so many options when boon docking.  Great to see that more than half do think it is a viable option.


Q5 - Camping Style

Given the response to having solar, it is not surprising most enjoy at least some boon docking.


Q6 - The most important features

Solar and batteries add weight and cost, but is by far the most important feature among this group.  While cooking is at the top of our list, it clearly is not as important to everyone.   The key here is to have choices and making it what you want.


Q7 - Type of Truck

Our first question is always - What do you have or what do you want to have to tow with?  You want to be comfortable and safe and then also consider what you want to bring along with you.  The truck will dictate some of the choices.


Q8 - RV size

The sweet spot is clearly in the 20-30K lbs range.  


Q9 - Why a Travel Home

A great wish and feedback list to ensure we are focusing on the right stuff.

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