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A Chef's Kitchen on the road

The kitchen is the heart of the home - in a traditional home it is where people gather, memories are made, and delicious food is created. When living smaller or on the road, why should it be any different?

When designing a kitchen gathering place, there are many things to consider and the choices of appliances are plentiful. One thing is certain, having enough counter space can be a challenge. Accessible storage and under-counter appliances prevent clutter, maximize counter space, and minimize the time needed to prepare for travel.

Now let’s talk about the appliances. Again, to create that all-important chef’s kitchen on the road, there is no need to compromise. Traditional RVs do have limitation as they are most often running a 12v based electrical system. The Travel Home uses a 48v based system with a traditional 220v electrical panel and thus can use any regular home appliance.

When it comes to the stove, a traditional four burner is very nice to have. Using propane gives you flexibility if you have limited electrical availability, but new induction cook tops are becoming very popular with their sleek look, cooking control, and safety factor of always providing a cool to the touch surface. Choosing induction however, requires the proper electrical capacity.

Once you get used to a pot-filler, it is a very nice convenience. Yes, it may be overkill here with the sink so close by, but it certainly adds to the feel of luxury. Look at any high end traditional kitchen and they are sure to have one. Why should your Chef Kitchen on the road be any different.

In today’s world, a microwave is also a must have, but it can be of the smallest size. If you can find room for an oven, it will certainly lend to that feeling of having a complete kitchen. A common occurrence in a bakery, but more recently introduced into the home is the Convection Steam Oven. As a single oven option, it is a tremendous appliance with incredible flexibility and capability.


Having adequate space in the refrigerator and freezer is critical, especially if you enjoy Boondocking. The ability to stock up on items in the freezer can be especially handy when on the road. You can’t always find a good grocery store on the way. The appliance sometimes dictate the design depending on if you want under counter versus fridge over freezer traditional standing refrigeration


Another most common appliance in the home, but not so much in the RV, is the dishwasher. In addition to its convenience, it has proven to be great for saving water - a key consideration if you drycamp. Before putting your dishes in the washer, using a paper towel to clean off the scraps on the plate will make cleaning easier and will minimize odors in your grey tank.

Last, but not least is the need for a proper exhaust fan. Cooking in a small space, the need for proper venting is even more important. You want to vent outside and specify the highest CFM capacity you can fit. We installed a 1200 CFM fan which eliminates any and all odors.

Having taken all this into consideration, you are ready to create a chef’s kitchen of your dreams and build the heart of your travel home.


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