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Heard at Tampa - A truly custom build

This is one in a series of posts we wrote after the Tampa RV Super Show - 2024 to revisit the numerous conversations we had and spotlight some noteworthy "aha" moments and the primary reasons they sought us out.. Just look for the tag "Tampa RV Super Show 2024"

A genuinely custom build from the ground up is a rare offering among manufacturers. We begin by comprehensively understanding your desires, requirements, and essentials. What truck will you be using to tow? How do you plan to utilize the Barclay? What are your preferred activities?

Customization at Barclay goes beyond mere adjustments; we don't limit you to a set number of floor plans, sizes, layouts, or finishes. Bring your ideas, and together, we'll collaborate on tailoring your dream RV. Whether you have a favorite floor plan with specific modifications in mind or want to combine elements from various examples you've seen, the process is about realizing your vision. While incorporating some signature Barclay features like the Window Door Entertainment wall, disappearing deck, or a rooftop access adds a unique touch, the goal is to make your RV distinctly yours.

For many, a Barclay Custom RV is where you will spend a lot of time. Consequently, we strive to integrate the conveniences and features of a traditional home creatively. This might involve clever space utilization, where we think outside the box to ensure functionality without compromise. While there are realistic limits, our ultimate aim is to create a space tailored to your preferences.

Strategic use of space is crucial, emphasizing versatility for various activities. Bedrooms, for instance, can double as office areas or lounges, facilitated by features like elevator or Murphy beds that transform one space into another seamlessly.

The choice of a tow vehicle is a pivotal aspect, influencing decisions based on factors like maximum tow capacity and pin weight. Your optimal design can also guide this choice. Determining priorities, understanding how you'll use the RV, and planning for its post-use contribute to a tailored approach.

The design process need not start from scratch. We offer several design concepts and collaborate with you based on your desires, requirements, and essentials; ensuring the creation of an RV that perfectly suits your needs.


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