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Heard at Tampa - Bring the outside in

This is one in a series of posts we wrote after the Tampa RV Super Show - 2024 to revisit the numerous conversations we had and spotlight some noteworthy "aha" moments and the primary reasons they sought us out.. Just look for the tag "Tampa RV Super Show 2024"

The standout feature of our model is the 13' Bifold Window Door Entertainment Wall and Deck. It's a revolutionary addition that introduces light, space, and fresh air into the RV like nothing else in existence today.

Merging windows and doors seamlessly into an opening without a center pole, ensuring a snug fit and a secure door, is an engineering marvel. The fact that it can withstand the rigors of travel, with our model clocking over 55,000 miles, further attests to its design and the RV's robust structure.

The question often arises: How does the deck fold up? Most RV patios typically function this way, but our approach differs. Our 13' wide deck separates into two sections, effortlessly storing on rollers underneath. Setting it up takes a mere 15-20 minutes, instantly adding an additional 91 square feet of living space.

Opening the doors and windows, and placing the live edge wood bar top in its track, transforms the space into a breezy indoor/outdoor entertainment area. We've comfortably accommodated 10-15 people on the deck without any concerns regarding weight or space. We have also enjoyed many intimate meals at the bar top with a glass of wine.

Concerned about bugs? Complete screens appear from each end, sealing them out while allowing you to relish the breeze and fresh air.

For many RVers, the desire to spend more time outdoors is a key motivator to living this lifestyle. Our design, centered around bringing the outside in, aligns with that vision. The fact that this space is focused on the kitchen, the heart of the home, is not just by design but a significant bonus.


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