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Heard at Tampa - When done, we can park it

This is one in a series of posts we wrote after the Tampa RV Super Show - 2024 to revisit the numerous conversations we had and spotlight some noteworthy "aha" moments and the primary reasons they sought us out.. Just look for the tag "Tampa RV Super Show 2024"

This represents a unique form of investment. Unlike traditional RVs, which tend to depreciate, some significantly, over time, this has the potential to maintain or even enhance its value when placed on a property after use. An exit strategy that is smart on your investment dollars.

In our conversations, individuals opened their eyes to new opportunities. Some owned or were seeking property where they planned to park for an extended period. Now they envisioned placing the RV as a cabin on mountain land - creating a mountain retreat, on a waterfront property as a lake house, or utilizing it as a guest house by their main residence. The notion of using the RV beyond its conventional travel purpose hadn't crossed their minds before, mainly because such an option didn't exist. These custom RVs are constructed with high-performance residential techniques, offering a lifespan beyond road travel and seamlessly blending in with various design aesthetics.

Imagine crafting a compound of these RVs, providing a comfortable space for family visits or even as rental units when not in use. For many, the idea of returning to a large house with all its complexities feels overwhelming and unnecessary. If you can design an RV to meet all your needs, why not keep it parked where you can make the most of it?

Of course, it's crucial to be aware of regulations or Homeowners Association (HOA) restrictions, particularly in areas where smaller dwellings, whether on wheels or a foundation, might be prohibited. However, changing laws across the country reflect a growing recognition of the need to allow smaller structures or Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) within communities. The emergence of RV-friendly communities with fewer limitations on RVs and other structures is also noteworthy, often featuring larger plots with one or more acres.

Choosing to buy an RV doesn't mean confining it to travel alone. Utilizing it beyond its conventional purpose can unlock a myriad of opportunities and significantly alter your perspective on the investment's value in the years to come. A Barclay Custom RV, constructed to residential standards, represents a new way of thinking—an approach that encourages thinking outside the box.


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